Best Hair Color | Choose The Right Color Base On Your Skin Tone

by Ming on May 6, 2012

Best Hair Color

Best Hair Color

Best Hair Color


Finding the best hair color can be very difficult with dozen of choices, colors and brands available. There are many factors that determine which hair color is the most suitable option including the natural hair color and eye color. However, the key role in determining the best shade is the skin tone. Reviews have shown that many women tend to choose hair color that doesn’t complement with their skin tone. Most professionals advised to those who want to dye their hair, to not attempt to go more than two shades lighter or darker than the skin tone, especially when doing it at home. There are few tips to look on when choosing the most suitable hair color as described below.

Generally, skin complexions can be divided into two large categories; warm and cool. Those with warm skin tone are those with golden or yellow skin undertone. Consequently, hair colors that have a warm overtone best suits this type of skin. Those with blue or pink skin undertones comes from the cool category, which means that hair colors have a cool overtone which would look more natural on them. In some hair color reviews, some people look at the veins in their arms in natural light in order to know roughly which category they are in. If the color looks green then you are warm and if it’s blue then you are cool. Just as simple as that. Once the skin tone is established, we can use these finding criteria to look for the best hair color which suits us and able to bring out our best facial features.

Best Hair Color | Choose Hair Color Than Complements Your Skin Tone

Those with fair skin are understandably to have a wider range of hair color which suits them well. However, certain shades should be avoided while others may flatter the light skin. Fairer skin tone tend to look best with a shade of blond color but bear in mind that it is most likely to be the best hair color if you are born as a blonde. Otherwise, be careful in choosing a shade to bring out or enhance your complexion. Shades of light brown or shades with slightly red undertone may be suitable options for a light skin tone. Brands like Revlon color is recommended as it is one of the best hair color brand. It should be noted for fairer people as certain hair colors can make them look pale and washed out. So, it is best to avoid medium or dark shades of brown and black

For those with olive skin, they have a great advantage as their complexion is healthy looking and have great compliment with wide range of hair colors. Dark hair colors suit olive skin tones the best, regardless of whether the skin tone is cool or warm. Thus, black, dark brown, medium brown or dark reds are considered the best hair colors for olive skin tone. Selecting two shades lighter or darker than the natural color will result in a flattering finish. Remember, the best at home hair color shall not be more than two shades lighter or darker, unless by a professional hairstylist.

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