3 Top Ways To Spot The Best Makeup Brushes For An Application

by Ming on August 24, 2012

Best Makeup Brushes

Best Makeup Brushes

Best Makeup Brushes

The best makeup brushes are very much dependent on the type and area of application of the makeup you are using. Most women use only one or two brushes to apply everything on their faces. The brush you use is essential to get the best and smoothest application. There are a lot of brands of brushes in the market. Not to mention, the wide variety of shapes and sizes of the brushes as well. Furthermore, the price of these brushes varies very drastically due to the quality range of the brush. As important as a brush is to a painting, the right makeup brush will also determine the quality of your application.

While all brushes do the same job, they vary in bristles and the quality of results it can give. Since most women use make up every day, investing in the best makeup brushes is worth every penny. For starters, the most common types of brush are the powder brush. Powder brush is used to dust loose powder on the face or to brush off existing powder. This brush often comes with relatively short and soft bristles. To get the softest and best makeup brush brands of the powder brush, choose the ones that are made from raccoon or squirrel hair. Some people claim that the powder brush from GOSH is a great tool for bronzing pearls or loose powder on the face. This brush is made from black goat’s hair and comes with a rounded and natural finish that is made to feel extra soft on the skin.

Best Makeup Brushes are ones that help to keep the foundation on your face

Foundation is most commonly used by women who use make up every day. The best makeup brushes used to apply foundation have soft and compact bristles. There are mainly two types of foundation brushes. One of them has short puffy bristles with a flat edge. This brush is commonly used for the application of liquid foundation. The other more commonly used brush is the one that ends with a shallow point. It is important to get a foundation brush that is of good quality. The best professional makeup brushes are ones that do not absorb the foundation, rather helps to keep the foundation on your face. The Becca foundation brush is a unique brush that comes with rainbow colored bristles.

In the list of the best makeup brushes also includes a must have; the eye shadow brushes. Eye shadow brushes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Generally, a smaller brush is used to line the crease of the eyelid while a mid-sized brush is used for the surface of the eyelid. The larger eye shadow brush is used for adding highlights to the brow bone. The best eye makeup brushes for a powdered eye shadow application is the fluffy one while the silky one is best used for a liquid application.

There are many more types of brushes to use to achieve a flawless makeup application. However, hygiene is also important to avoid any infections on the skin. Clean your brushes often with very mild shampoo. Avoid the use of conditioner as this will soften the bristles further and the brush may lose its precision. Take time to source for the best makeup brushes available.

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