3 Top Reasons You Do Not Want Your Friend To Know How To Get Lighter Skin

by Ming on July 18, 2012

how to get lighter skin

how to get lighter skin

How To Get Lighter Skin

How to get lighter skin is a much searched sentence in the Internet. Thanks to the advertisers that promote fair skin, more and more women are influenced with the idea that fair skin is more feminine and beautiful. In this article, I will share with you why I think that no woman should even bother searching for the answers or solutions to looking fairer.

First and foremost, we need to understand that Asian women, thanks to our upbringing, possess low self esteem. For example, Taiwan records a very high percentage of women who undergo plastic surgery to make their noses more profound or their eyes a little larger. This is simply because they feel that the Western facial features are more beautiful than their own. Also, Asian women are easily influenced with the masses. In this aspect, we think that fair skin is beautiful skin, hence the search for the answers on how to get lighter skin. The Western culture however, promotes self confidence and tells their women that they are beautiful simply because they are women. As such, we can see that many Western women do not resort to looking identical nor do they want to know how to get lighter skin tone. Rather, Western women take delight in their uniqueness as women. With this, I would like to affirm that natural is beautiful. Every woman is unique, be it black, fair or brown skin tone.

Some women are so wrapped up in their desire to have fair skin that they want to know how to get lighter skin fast. They sometimes resort to immediate and dangerous treatments that may have adverse effects. Unfortunately, many women do not know that fair skin possess less melanin, a pigment in the human body that helps prevent skin cancer. As such, knowing how to get lighter skin and resorting to dangerous treatments may increase your chances of skin cancer. Skin cancer is not just painful it is much like any other forms of cancer. A person with skin cancer will have irregular skin tone and can hurt or scar their self esteem very badly. The desire to look more beautiful or more feminine may just back fire.

Knowing How to Lighter Skin Tone May Bring Harm To You

Stains on darker clothes are not as visible as stains on lighter colored clothes. As such, scars on a lighter skin tone are more visible than that on a darker skin tone. With this in mind, do you still think you want to know how to get lighter skin? Lighter skin requires more care and can sometimes be quite tedious. Exposure to the sun can cause red blemishes on the skin and this is definitely more visible on fair skin. Some people think that knowing how to get lighter skin naturally can help reduce any of the adverse effects. However, this belief is false.

In conclusion, natural is beautiful, people with fair skin tone have a higher risk of skin cancer and scars or blemishes are more visible on fair skin. Have you ever wondered why people with fair skin prefer a tan? This can be viewed from another perspective and will be discussed in another article. With all these in mind, do not bother to even search for the answers or solutions to the question on how to get lighter skin color.

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