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by Ming on May 10, 2012

Make Up Brands

Make Up Brands


Make Up Brands

Find out the more affordable makeup brands here. The evolution of make Up brands from the time of our mums to today is staggering. No longer is makeup something for the purpose of painting the face, as they call it in the old days, now the makeup is enhanced with ingredients that nourish the skin as well. The more high end brands are infused with serums that reverse the aging process and keep the skin in good condition. Makeup are also more specialized towards different skin types and ethnic groups. For instance, non comedogenic makeup are especially tailored for women with acne problems and oily skin. For this article, let’s look at the more affordable drug store makeup products on the market.

Loreal has a whole range of products from head to toe and 27 world recognized brands under its belt. Their product line range from affordable drugstore products to luxury brands. This is one of the make up brands that has combined their cosmetic line with their advanced skincare technology. Their Revitalift anti aging foundation is infused with their Revitalift serum to combat the effects of aging. It is claimed to be able to reduce fine lines and wrinkles after long term usage and produce younger looking skin.

Revlon is another affordable drugstore brand that has products from head to toe. They are the pioneers for affordable long wearing makeup with their Colorstay range. However, users have found that their other range of makeup are also long lasting. One thing about this brand though, is that they tend to discontinue their line of makeup after a certain period, especially their lipstick. Therefore if you have found a shade of lipstick that you particular like, it is recommended that you stock up on it. Otherwise, you might not be able to get it anymore in the future. Having said that, this is definitely one of the most recommended make up brands for affordable cosmetics.

Make Up Brands |  Good Makeup Does Not Have To Be Super Expensive

Another drugstore brand that is really affordable and good to use is Urban Decay. However, do note that this is one of the more pricy drugstore make up brands. Their primer potion for eyes is widely used by makeup gurus to control the oil around the eye area and make eye makeup stay on longer without creasing and the colors more vibrant. Makeup gurus also highly recommend their Black Palate eye shadow to create the smoky eye look. Have fun playing around with the colors to create a really dramatic or more subdued look.

Really good makeup doesn’t have to be super expensive. In fact, as you can see, drugstore makeup alone is good enough to do the trick. It is also kinder on your budget, especially if you are somebody who uses heavy makeup every day. Therefore, consider these make up brands for daily use.

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