All About Mineral Foundation

by Ming on May 29, 2012

Mineral Foundation

Mineral Foundation

Mineral Foundation

What exactly is mineral foundation? It is a makeup foundation that gives you either a light or medium coverage tone. As stated in its name, this foundation contains mineral like mica, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Why pick mineral make up foundation? It is said that this foundation is able to give a result of flawless skin without the heavy and cakey feeling. This allows you to be so much more confident. No matter what, every products usually comes with both pros and cons. This is no exception to foundation that are mineral type. One of the good thing about the mineral foundation is that it offers a camouflage effect, covering and concealing certain facial imperfections. Besides, pure mineral makeup will not irritate the skin as pores are not clogged. On the bad side, it may give you a heavy appearance on the face if you do not apply it correctly. Imperfections can be revealed in this case. You wouldn’t want this to happen. So, you must apply accordingly.

How to apply mineral foundation? Is the method similar with other types of foundation? Basically is the same but with a slight curve or difference. As usual, clean your face first before applying any makeup. Then, apply moisturizer for your skin so that foundation to be applied can look natural without caking. Rough surface encourage caking. To avoid this, you may apply a primer. Let the moisturizer and primer to settle and dry before starting to apply the mineral foundation. A dense brush should be used such as the kabuki brush or a flat top brush. Kabuki brush is known to be the best choice as it is the densest option available. The denser the brush, the better coverage it provides. Now, begin the foundation by applying with a small amount. Apply more later if required. After getting a desired amount of powder onto your brush, apply onto your face in a circular motion, as how you usually apply foundation. If necessary, you may apply another layer for better coverage but do not go beyond that.

Mineral Foundation Gives You a Sheer Coverage

Here are some recommendations for mineral foundation. One if it is the Neutrogena mineral sheers, which is an all in one makeup foundation. As the name applies, it offers you a sheer coverage and you wouldn’t be looking cakey if you apply another layer. Next is the Everyday Minerals, which is suitable for beginners in makeup. This is also one of the mineral product that are selling like hot cakes. Besides these, the Maybelline and Loreal mineral foundation are worth a try too. Strictly, the suitability of all makeup strongly depends on your skin. Certain reviews on mineral foundation or makeup can be used as a guideline also.

Just about every women want a smooth and shining face. This can be achieved with the use of foundation that are mineral like. Which of cause of late, has become increasingly very common and popular. If you have not explored any mineral makeup and since it suits most skin tone, you may try out the mineral foundation for flawless skin.

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